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Completely Unique

With a variety of styles and textures available, our line of sculpted wall panels offers something for everyone. Whether you seek curved, flowing lines or angled expressions, our panels give designers the freedom to communicate their individual visions in any space. Our research and development team is continually creating new patterns and fine-tuning our processes to offer the finest-quality, most innovative designs to industry professionals.

Innovative Design

Showcased in a kitchen, in a bedroom, or even outdoors, our 3D sculptural wall tiles make a new statement wherever they go.

Our Products

  • Gypsum Wall Tiles

    Whether in a kitchen, bedroom, a living room or an office, our Gypsum wall tiles make a statement wherever they go!

  • Outdoor Concrete Tiles

    Our Concrete tiles are 100% waterproof and can therefore be used outdoors, in a shower, in a fountain, anywhere!

  • Wood Tiles

    Our Woodblocks have temporary urban living in mind. Easy to install and endless configurations means you are only limited by your imagination!

  • NEW Penny Tile

    Unique and rustic charm. Our new penny tiles can be used for accent areas, on the walls and even of the floor!

Vision House L.A. 2012

Textural Designs was featured at the L.A. Vision House 2012. Check out the video!

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